Subject: Re: GPL v3
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 16:27:13 -0800

Quoting Andy Tai (

> What's amusing is that the Debian guidelines actually were designed
> explicitly with the GPL in mind, and now you are saying even the GPL
> v2 violates the Guidelines.  Suppose that is true, and since the GPL
> came first, then it is the Guidelines that failed its purpose rather
> than the GPL fails to follow the Guidelines.

I believe that was the earlier poster's intended point.

The Tentacles of Evil Test, Dissident Test, and Desert Island Test are
heuristics employed by some debian-legal denizens primarily as, IMVAO,
a plausible-sounding way to dispense with any residual sense of
proportion and context.  I've seen them used to bolster far-fetched
objections against, e.g., the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike
2.0 licence.  These things then get written up on "summary" Web pages,
with the implication that they somehow speak for Debian.

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