Subject: RE: ZDNet article - why attribution matters
From: "John Roberts" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 12:06:19 -0800

Here is a good example of a sugar open source derivative/fork that respects
our attribution clause. Click on the demo to see our attribution on the

SugarCRM Inc, does not generate any revenue from the Long Reach corporation,
but they have been excellent contributors to the project. It has indeed been
a non-financial win/win relationship. 


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I won't speak for him but as you and I chatted about today I believe John at
Sugar can attest to numerous instances of the exact same thing.

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Subject: Re: ZDNet article - why attribution matters
Um, yes.  Alfresco has scads of these, especially in Europe.  Both end users
that are happy using Alfresco with the attribution, SIs that are happy to
sell implementation services for it (without our involvement), and OEMs that
are integrating our Community (attribution required) product into theirs.
It may serve as a deterrent to some, but we have thousands of
users/OEMs/resellers on the Community product.

I guess they didn't notice that it's not open source.  They downloaded it,
accessed the source, modified it, forked it, and redistributed it.  If it
smells like open source and tastes like open source...maybe it's open

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> Subject: RE: ZDNet article - why attribution matters
> When in doubt about theory, look for facts.
> I would be very interested in hearing about companies that have taken code
> covered by an attribution license, such as the SPL, and distributed the
> in a way that does not financially benefit the subject of the attribution
> notice. Are there any such companies?
> Laura Majerus