Subject: Re: non-military use license
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 11:16:04 -0800

Quoting Andrew C. Oliver (

> Out of curiosity what if someone were to phrase a license that it the
> software could not be used to "physically cause harm or injury to
> others" rather than expressly prohibiting military use?

That would be a perfectly lawful licence, but clearly not open source.
(OSD#6 means what it says.)

> I understand the key concern (although I don't share the same general
> political philosophy), and the OSI concerns, but it seems like there
> ought to be some middle ground that allows a non-discriminatory usage
> clause.

You can certainly claim that middle ground, and would be very welcome to
feel really virtuous about it.  But it's not open source.

Cheers,                               I remember Fred, 1919 - 2005. 
Rick Moen