Subject: RE: SocialText license discussion--call for closure of arguments
From: "Lawrence Rosen" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 18:56:44 -0800

I copied the following from 

Is there a verb or two missing where I wrote "[+++]" below? Also, where is
the rest of the provision that specifies what must be done with the "display
of the same size...?" The text below can't possibly be the complete
provision because it is not a complete sentence nor does it actually contain
an obligation to do anything specific with attribution notices. /Larry


Generic Attribution Provision

Redistributions of the [original code] in binary form or source code
form, must ensure that each time the resulting executable program [+++], 
a display of the same size as found in the [original code] released by
the original licensor (e.g., splash screen or banner text) of the
original licensor's attribution information, which includes:

(a) Company Name
(b) Logo (if any) and
(c) URL