Subject: Re: Fwd: OSI approves CPAL at OSCON 2007
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 14:10:44 -0700

Quoting Alexander Terekhov (
> > Wow, _love_ that completely irrelevant, non-sequitur straw man.
> I thought you were "just trying to get discussion on the merits or
> flaws of the license" (the GPLv, that is).

I honestly didn't think I'd made a particularly subtle point (and odds
are, it was based on misinterpretation of a rather ambiguous upthread
post), but I'll restate it, anyway:

Licences submitted to the OSI can be judged either OSD-compliant or not
irrespective of the personal merits of the drafter.  In particular,
such licences' OSD-compliance in no way hinges on the drafter's
selection of targets for his/her public bloviating about alleged patents
-- that sideshow being, as such, simply irrelevant to the question.

> I'm just trying to help you. :-)

Gee, thanks.  Curious minds want to know:  Have we perhaps just been
treated to a "witnessing" of some kind?