Subject: Re: License compatibility of MS-PL and MS-CL (Was: (RE: Groklaw's OSI item (was: When will CPAL actually be _used_?))
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 17:55:52 -0700

Quoting Thatcher, Jim E. (Woodcock Washburn) (

> As others have noted, Microsoft took a stab at addressing compatibility
> of Ms-PL with other licenses in the text Mr. Hawkins included below from
> Jon Rosenberg's initial submission of the license. However, there have
> been specific scenarios posed in this discussion that could benefit from
> additional clarifications. I'll try to provide that clarity in the FAQ
> below.

Extremely helpful.  Thank you, indeed!

(I continue to recommend certification of both MS-PL and MS-CL, for 
whatever that's worth.)