Subject: RE: a plea
From: "Lawrence Rosen" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 12:42:00 -0700

I'd welcome almost any way to help me manage the emails on this discussion
list without destroying it altogether. One thing that's kept me from
responding publicly so far is that, when I do, people reply "to-all" instead
of just to the list and I get two (2) copies of each of these emails. Ugh!
Once is punishment enough! So please, reply only to license-discuss!

I don't know why we're still using email for this purpose anyway. It seems
to me that online tools are far more efficient for structuring discussions,
keeping things on-topic, maintaining a record of the discussions, and for
the easy filtering of "noise." Groklaw, for example, often has an even
higher noise/signal ratio than license-discuss, but PJ keeps it in-check by
keeping the threads together and organized. The same is true for Slashdot:
There's lots of stuff I don't need to read, and a relatively easy way to
keep up with the things that DO interest me.

I'd really love it if this list just sent me an email once a day reminding
me of what's going on, telling me when new licenses are posted for review or
when votes are needed. Remind me to check online for the interesting
threads, and give me the tools to ignore the threads that lead nowhere. 

I'm surprised that the talented engineers here haven't implemented something
online already!