Subject: Re: a plea
From: Raj Mathur <>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 11:19:07 +0530

On Sunday 16 September 2007 05:40, Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> Russ Nelson wrote:
> > No, because it happens at the client.  NOTHING you do on the server
> > side can be the correct thing.  BOTH inserting Reply-To AND NOT
> > inserting Reply-To are the wrong things to do (for different
> > reasons, obviously).
> However, the server can choose not to send out a duplicate if the
> sender used Reply-All.  For instance, Mailman has this feature
> (

It does, and I keep it turned off for all the Mailman-managed mailing 
lists I'm on.  My client (KMail) is configured so list replies go 
directly into the appropriate folder while personal replies go into my 
Inbox.  If I turn on don't send duplicates, then I have to manually 
move potentially duplicate responses from my Inbox to the list folder 
unless I want to mess up the complete thread in my archives.  I prefer 
to hit Del on the duplicated personal response.

While this is probably not a generic issue, I'd suggest that ``don't 
send duplicates'' or equivalent in list management software isn't the 
right solution in all cases either.


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