Subject: Off-topic-ness Re: a plea
From: Ernest Prabhakar <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 10:54:07 -0700

Hi all,

On Sep 13, 2007, at 10:14 AM, Chris Travers wrote:
> Additionally things need to be designated in such a way as to be  
> even-handed.  For example, I felt like at one point Rick Moen asked  
> me for more information on-list, so I posted it, and he argued that  
> it was off-topic.  This sort of thing undermines any semblance of  
> topic boundaries.  Having this sort of decision which really should  
> be made by the OSI or specifically appointed representative because  
> this way the structure is not undermined by a few individuals.

While I believe a number of you have raised relevant points, these are  
*actively* being worked through by the OSI Board.  I would therefore  
request that people suspend discussion of these meta-issues on the  
list for at least a week.

We have been reading through several of the excellent suggestions that  
have been made, and are hopeful we can come up with an appropriate  

If you have additional information or ideas you'd like us to consider,  
please feel free to email me directly.

Ernest Prabhakar
OSI Board Observer