Subject: Re: Call for Votes: New OSI-Editors List
From: Chuck Swiger <>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 00:46:08 -0500

Ernest Prabhakar wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> A *huge* thanks to Zak for his tireless efforts in setting up -- and
> populating -- a new OSI issue tracking system.

Indeed-- congratulations, Zak.  After the large volume of email, I was curious 
to see what would result, and I have to say that the link above does a good 
job of summarizing the open issues.

> We are actively looking at how to better integrate this into our ongoing
> processes, in order to improve our responsiveness to community concerns.  As
> part of that, we realize we need a larger team help manage the flow of
> tickets, and also improve the currently informal "lore" around OSI and
> License Discuss.

A fine set of goals.  I would say more, but as you've suggested below, instead 
I will hold off for now about starting a side discussion.

[ ... ]
> As an initial pool of candidates, here are several individuals who have been
> consistently helpful and active over the last couple years -- and represent
> a diverse range of  viewpoints!
> - Brian Behlendorf - John Cowan - Rod Dixon - Chris DiBona - Mike
> Milkinovich - Rick Moen - Simon Phipps - Allison Randall - Larry Rosen -
> Chuck Swiger - Ben Tilly - Andrew Wilson
> - Zak Greant
> We encourage all of you (as members of license-discuss) to vote (+1 / -1) on
> these candidates, as well as suggest your own. Please keep votes on this
> subject line (thread), and start a new thread for any side discussions.
> If you *are* one of these candidates, please let us know whether you are
> (un)willing to serve in this capacity.

Hey, I'm being volunteered!  :-)

Very well, I have no objections-- nor any to the other people listed above.

[ If I were allowed to register a "no opinion", I might do that for Mike 
Milkinovich & Allison Randall as neither one is especially familar to me on 
this mailing list.  Well, one does Eclipse, or I seem to remember something 
like that.... ]

Happy Thanksgiving, all!