Subject: Re: Editorial Board, Take 2
From: "Zak Greant" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 21:25:03 -0800

Hey Ernie, Greetings All,

On 11/29/07, Ernest Prabhakar <> wrote:
> Thanks so much for your input.  To clarify, my original vision for an
> OSI Editors Board is very much like yours, but due to travel and other
> commitments I wasn't able to participate in most of these discussions.
> At any rate, I have gone through and more-or-less completely rewritten
> the wiki to match my understanding of what the OSI Editors should be
> doing:

I'm don't think that we all are on the same page here - you, Larry or I.

In particular, I'd like additional clarity from Larry on his proposal.
I think that it is a good idea, but a few bits are unclear.

> In particular, given the "community elders" like yourself that I
> nominated for this position, I don't think we need very rigid
> guidelines or requirements.  My expectation is to simply give y'all
> the tools to contribute effectively, and let you do what comes
> naturally. :-)

I fear that this sounds something like the current state of the board.

I designed a process to make sure that we don't keep dropping
community input on the floor. This is a very different thing from what
you have proposed.

> > I've also collected all the other handbooks and resources under a new
> "help" section:
> Let me know where additional clarifications would be helpful.