Subject: RE: Take 3: Editors and Trackers
From: "Lawrence Rosen" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 13:10:00 -0800

Luis Villa wrote:
> Again, I admit I haven't followed this whole thread, but restricting
> editorship to some sort of elite doesn't seem to be solving any
> problem I've seen adequately described. 

If this is how it is perceived or what it becomes, then it will be a
failure. The word "elite" shouldn't be part of the open source lexicon.

But even Luis will admit--because he's become one--that there are quite a
few people involved in this movement that have developed special expertise
in the business and legal aspects of open source. I'm sure we could create a
long list of people we trust to contribute to an OSI wiki, all of them
already subscribed to this list (albeit often silently lurking). Let's get
as many of those experts as possible to volunteer. What they end up
contributing to the wiki will very likely be informed and intelligent. To
the extent that there are differing opinions, our wiki can accommodate them.

Open source organizations (Apache comes to mind first, but there are many
others) can find ways to acknowledge individual expertise and then enlist
that expertise to fill special roles in the organization.

The objective is high-quality written opinions that we can share with the
world in an open source way and under an open source or CC license. That
won't be elitism if we do it right. 


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