Subject: Re: EULA and Modifed BSD
From: Chuck Swiger <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 14:03:40 -0800

On Dec 7, 2007, at 1:58 PM, Norman Young wrote:
> We have a product that we're about to release under the Modified BSD
> license.  There is some confusion as to whether we also need a EULA of
> some kind as well, since Firefox seems to have both the MPL and a
> EULA.  Upon installation of the software, is it sufficient to just
> show the modified BSD license to the user?  Can anyone help?

Sure.  You'll need to include the text of the license with the  
program's README or documentation, but that's all you really need to  
do.  You can certainly show it to the user during install or at the  
first time they run the program if you like, or have it available via  
some sort of About or License menu item if it has a GUI, but that's  
not required....