Subject: Welcome to the *new* License Discuss
From: Ernest Prabhakar <>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 16:03:12 -0800

Dear members of License Discuss,

Today marks a major transition in how the OSI handles its mailing  
lists, as was recently announced on our blog:

Perhaps the most dramatic news is the shift in focus for this mailing  
list. In particular, the license approval process has been  
dramatically revised:

and shifted to the new, more-tightly-focused license-review mailing  
list, which we hope many of you will subscribe to.


General OSI discussion also has a new home on the "issues" mailing list:


We trust that will provide a more appropriate and effective forum for  
discussing how to improve the OSI, as it will be moderated by our  
President, Michael Tiemann.

Where does that leave this list? We believe it is important for the  
community to have a place to find and debate answers to common  
licensing questions, and that seems a natural fit for the constituency  
of this list. However, it is essential we keep those discussions  
focused and productive. Therefore, we have redefined the purpose of  
license-discuss as driving content for the new (albeit rudimentary)  
Open Source Licensing FAQ:

The FAQ is intended to reflect the "best community understanding" of  
common Open Source issues -- as defined by you, with help from the  
newly-constituted "editors" list:

We thank all of you for your faithful participation on this list over  
the years, and hope that this new structure will make it a more  
rewarding experience for everyone.  If the new charter no longer makes  
sense for you, though, you can unsubscribe via:

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to  
contact me, as I (for my sins :-) am now the new moderator of License  

Ernest Prabhakar
OSI Board Observer
License Discuss Moderator