Subject: Re: DRAFT FAQ: Free vs. Open
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 19:59:35 -0800

Quoting Raj Mathur (

> We'd need another term to apply to the huge number of people like me who 
> have their foot in both the free software and the open source camps 
> then.

Well, I've been in both camps since 1998, and have already mentioned in
this space (in a recent post you presumably did not bother to read):

  Personally, when I wish to talk about free / open-source software, I
  just say "free / open-source software".

> I'd strongly resent being called just a ``Free Software'' xor an 
> ``Open Source'' advocate/practitioner, so FOSS suits me down to the 
> ground.
> Any suggestions?

Yes.  I'd suggest you fundamentally rethink a rather poorly thought out
and long-term-disasterous position.