Subject: Re: License committee report for January 2008
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 13:09:28 -0800

Quoting Chuck Swiger (

> However, it's not clear how being abrasive to license submittors without 
> strong cause is going to improve the situation.  If you really feel it's 
> necessary, can you keep it to private email, please?

FWIW:  To the extent Russ's summary might be termed abrasive, my personal
opinion is that he had his grit level set commendably fine -- around
"00" or so -- such that I personally found Dag-Erling's complaint on the
far side of disproportionate.

(I have no particular horse in this race, and think the likelihood of
problematic cultural misunderstandings among us is minimal, if I 
read Dag-Erling's .no TLD and Russ's surname correctly.)