Subject: Re: How do I choose a licence
From: John Cowan <>
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 17:33:52 -0400

dirk dierickx scripsit:
> Bruce Perens had a nice article about this, you can read it at:
> indeed there is too much choice, it seems. the good news is that it
> can be reduced to 3 licenses.

I think that's too small a number, though I basically agree.

> On Mon, 2009-08-03 at 00:22 -0600, Aaron Aichlmayr wrote:
> > With the plentitude of licences out there how do I choose the one
> > that is right for me? I am making a new php application and would
> > like to stick to an open source licence on the approved list but
> > don't know half of what I'm looking at.

Plug:  My entirely unofficial license wizard can be found at .  May it help anyone looking for a
license choose wisely.

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