Subject: Re: Synchronization of SPDX and OSI license identifiers.
From: Karl Fogel <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 08:16:09 -0700

Philip Odence <> writes:
>I can't remember if I ever closed the loop on this with you. Just in case,
>here's the blog:

Thanks, Phil!  Nice timing: just saw this today, my last day online
before being off for a month (vacation).  Great post, and you chose the
perfect quote :-).  I saw your response to Pascal Rapicault's comment
and am intrigued by the "canonical reference" possibility there.


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>On 5/25/11 1:27 PM, "Karl Fogel" <> wrote:
>>Philip Odence <> writes:
>>>If you don't mind then, I'll do a short blog for and quote you.
>>Sure!  Looking forward to reading it.
>>>On 5/25/11 12:48 PM, "Karl Fogel" <> wrote:
>>>>Philip Odence <> writes:
>>>>>Would you be interested in doing a short blog for talking
>>>>>why the OSI made this move?
>>>>Thanks for asking.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to do a blog post,
>>>>but the reason behind the move is a classic standards argument, as you
>>>>might expect.
>>>>It's best if we all use the same names when talking about the same
>>>>things, and SPDX did the hard work of coming up with a good set of
>>>>names.  OSI should help reinforce that set -- it makes things easier for
>>>>everyone who has to work with open source licenses (including us).
>>>>Kate Stewart wrote:
>>>>> Tom Incorvia (on cc: now) was working with the Van Lindberg (Python)
>>>>> sort through the Python license set over the last couple of months and
>>>>> to come up with a resolution to some inconsistencies.
>>>>> There was a post by Van on 03/08 on this subject to the
>>>>>   Were the concerns resolved?
>>>>I'm looking in
>>>>(the "Threads for March 2011" archive of that list) but I don't see the
>>>>message to which you refer.  What was the Subject line?
>>>>There's this thread:
>>>>"On: Updating the License List [was Re: Updating the Python License]",
>>>>but it doesn't have any posts by Van in it.