Subject: Re: Which DUAL Licence should I choose.
From: John Cowan <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 18:24:03 -0400

Thomas Schneider scripsit:

> 1.) I would like to OPEN SOURCE the source code there on
> 2.) I would like to make the usage FREE for individuals, with a
> limited amount of source code processed (say 5.000 thru 10.000
> Code-Lines maximum)
> *but*
> 3.) I would like to CHARGE a Licence Fee for commerical user's, e.g.
> big companies (mainly, IBM Mainframe Customer's) using those tool's to
> port their existing software from PL/I and/or COBOL to Java.

This is not possible under any open-source license, as all open-source
licenses are available to all, without discrimination of any kind.

You can write a proprietary license (or, in practice, pay a lawyer to do
so) that imposes any knd of restrictions you want, and not provide the
source to anyone who hasn't explicitly accepted your license.

If your product is really of commercial value, companies will be happy
to pay you to provide support, customization, and maintenance without
any need for anything but an open-source license on the code itself.

John Cowan
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