Subject: Re: Can OSI specify that public domain is open source?
From: Thomas Schneider <>
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2011 21:50:29 +0200

Hello Karl, (*and* all)

As you might know from my query on this list, some month ago,
with the Title "Wich DUAL Licence should I choose" (I think),

I am very interested in those licence discussions for my own work.

As I'm from Vienna, Austria, Europe, it look's that we do have totally
different COPYRIGHT Rules there in the US and here in Europe...

But as I'm a Developer, *NOT a lawyer*, I do have no actual solution (at 
least for me)....

I'm the owner of, and planning to release my Program 
Porting Machine (project pp on very soon...

But still fiddling aroun with Licence issues.

As requested by Karl Fogel, I'm posting my reply to this list.

I only DO HOPE I've not broken any Nettquette rules by saying what I've 

Thomas Schneider.
Am 07.09.2011 21:32, schrieb Karl Fogel:
>> Thomas Schneider<>  writes:
>>> Hello Karl,
>>>    *thank you* for taking up this, next, *important step*.
>> Thanks :-).  I hope it encounters no resistance.
> Can you post that to the list, by the way?  Right now the idea is
> encountering unexpected resistance -- not to the idea that public domain
> is open source (no one seems to be denying that) but to the wisdom of
> OSI stating that.  I find this surprising; we'll see where the
> discussion goes.

Thomas Schneider (