Subject: Re: Can OSI specify that public domain is open source?
From: Oleksandr Gavenko <>
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2011 23:08:12 +0300

07.09.2011 22:47, Karl Fogel пишет:
> Oleksandr Gavenko<>  writes:
>> is in the public domain, that thing **is** open source.  ==>
>>    that thing **can be used** open source without any restrictions
> Yes, I believe these should be equivalent, since "meeting the OSD" is
> the same as "meeting the OSD", ahem :-).
Sorry I miss **in**.

I think that all agree that:

   If thing is in public domain, that thing **can be used in** open
source and/or without any restrictions.


In general case Public domain is not agreement between author and
user. always state:

   'licence shall not ...'
   'licence must allow ...'

Statement that PB work also satisfy "The Open Source Definition"
is danger in this case as we need know that mean *licence*
in case of PB.