Subject: Re: Can OSI specify that public domain is open source?
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2011 14:02:10 -0700

Quoting Karl Fogel (

> You'd think so, but I see it asked by otherwise knowledgeable people all
> the time :-).
> My main motivation in having OSI clarify this, in our FAQ or somewhere,
> is U.S. government works, since there are an increasing number of them
> being open sourced.

I respect the effort, if only because (as I mentioned) I've tried to
'set the matter to rest' myself.  In my experience, any sufficiently
detailed and accurate clarification that actually covers the nuances
will get ignored by _most_ of the people asking the question -- because 
they don't really want an answer; they just dislike licensing.

There are exceptions, of course, enough that I willing to put in the
time to keep amending to
address (mostly) ever more inane objections.  ;->