Subject: Re: Zeratec Public License
Date: 13 Jul 1999 21:35:31 -0000

From: "Forrest J. Cavalier III" <>
> Instead of trying to understand a license like that one, I'll just move
> on and find something else.

Most companies who purport to make "Open Source", when asked, have been
willing to modify their licenses to the point that they win acceptance
from the community. By being too quick to walk away, we would only lose.

> In fact, could you GPL it, and include a notice along the lines of "if you
> want to use our trademarks, certification marks, etc. contact
> us for a different agreement." That would clean up the open
> source license a great deal, I think.

The license they presented is really a patent license that couples to
one or more software licenses. The GPL alone would not convey the privilege
of using their patents. Their intent is good. Let's give them some time to
work on language.

By the way, I called Richard Stallman this morning and asked if a license that
grants use of a patent in all GPL-ed software would comply with the GPL
language on patents. He verified that it would.