Subject: Re: gpl backlash?
Date: 25 Jul 1999 19:53:47 -0000

Have you looked at lately? At least half of the program
announcements there have "GPL" as their license. That's a lot more than
it used to be.

For the software I personally write, there really isn't much choice but the
GPL. That's because I donate my time to increase the amount of available
free software, _not_ non-free software. I absolutely will not tolerate being
treated as an unpaid employee by someone who takes my contribution and
incorporates it into non-free software, without returning the same value to
the community that I put into it when I made my contribution. Thus, I would
not contribute my time to writing free software without the _protection_ of
the GPL.

Look askance especially at _companies_ that broadcast anti-GPL messages.
Their agenda is creating proprietary products incorporating your work.



From: "Jacques Chester" <>
> I've noticed it, yes. To me the issue that invariably crops up is the
> viral nature of the GPL. Specifically, that inclusion of GPL'd code
> means that the larger work must in turn be GPL'd.