Subject: Re: OpenLDAP license
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 09 Apr 2001 22:09:29 -0700

"Ryan S. Dancey" <> writes:

> It seems axiomatic to me that any license seeking to comply with the OSD
> must have explicit instructions detailing the responsibility of each party
> to the license (meaning anyone who distributes the software) to make the
> source available when they redistribute the code.

No.  A license can comply with the OSD without requiring that
redistribution of the code comply with the OSD.

This is the case of the Berkeley license, for example.  The Berkeley
license is OSD-compliant.  However, anybody who receives a legal copy
of code under the Berkeley license may redistribute it themselves
under different terms.  In particular, the Berkeley license permits
binary-only redistribution.