Subject: Re: FW: tomsrtbt license, take 4
From: Tom Oehser <>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 15:41:16 -0400 (EDT)

> If you expect a court to take your license seriously when someone misuses
> protecting yourself from liability, then why don't you use one of the

Really, neither.  I have no intention of ever enforcing anything through a
court, and I am not concerned about liability.  Rather, I'm trying to say,
to members of the community using what I have provided, that my own stated
requirements are that mention should be made of where binaries came from.

In the cases where I have _no_ right to do that in any legally binding
way, it seems that asking them to pretty please comply with my request
is just about all I can do.

Perhaps I should call it a Copy-X rather than Copy-Right or Copy-Left?

> OSI is being inudated with requests to approve licenses.  Those licenses

Well, I'm not requesting that this license be approved, though that would
not be a problem, I'm just asking for feedback from the only place I know
is willing to intelligently discuss it, so I can at minimum avoid saying
anything that is false.

> that are not serious -- indeed, not even taken seriously by the people who
> submit them -- should probably be placed on the bottom of the queue for
> consideration by the busy board of directors.

Understood.  I will work on it some more to remove some of the most recent
wisecracks.  And I will try not to take up bandwidth in this list forever.