Subject: Re: Get ready....
From: Jacques Vidrine <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 22:40:19 -0500

On 14 April 1999 at 23:19, "R. L. Kleeberger" <> wrote:
> Thanks for clearing this up.  I was not sure if you could modify the
> GPL and make your own license with it or not.
> Since this is the case, would the GPL be a good framework license?  

I doubt that you'd be able to come up with a ``one size almost fits
all'' license.

I think GPL is one extreme in which many organizations may be

I think that a BSD/X/Apache style license is another with which even
more organizations could be comfortable.

I think it would be great if OSI could endorse a license of each of
these types to hold up as examples, and for organizations to adopt.

Jacques Vidrine / /