Subject: Re: Test
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 01 May 2001 10:41:44 -0700

Brian Behlendorf <> writes:

> So, given that two messages bounced for a large number of people, I would
> wager that the problem was actually on the mail server side - a
> temporarily down DNS server perhaps, or resource problems, or what have
> you - and since they only affected two messages, not worth worrying about.
> I appreciate the fact, though, that should my own mail systems
> accidentally bounce mail for me for a short period of time, I don't have
> to worry about missing messages from the list or being unsubscribed. did lose global DNS for a while a week or two ago,
because somebody forgot to pay the renewal fee.  Perhaps that somehow
caused this problem.

In fact, I just checked, and the two messages which bounced were ones
which I sent during the period that the global DNS was down.  They
weren't very important.