Subject: Re: license submission: qmail
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 22:30:23 -0700

begin Brian Behlendorf quotation:

> You have to follow the conditions the GPL sets out in order to
> redistribute modified source or binaries.  Neither the GPL nor DJB's
> conditions listed in his "exceptions" violate the letter of the OSD.
> DJB's might violate the spirit of the OSD, but again, that's my point -
> OSD spirit != OSD letter.

OSD clause #3, immediately preceding, strikes me as disambiguating this.

Apply it to the two licence cases being compared here, and I think
you'll see the relevance:  Although a copy of qmail compiled from
modified source is a derived work, it may not be distributed under the
same terms as the original (as clause #3 says must be true for OSD

I applaud your move to explore edge cases, though.  You're right that
this is both healthy and necessary.  We've seen before areas where the 
OSD's wording at least arguably fails to indicate its intent.  Which
suggests room for improvement.

Cheers,                      Evolution:  Life's a niche, and then you die.
Rick Moen