Subject: Re: Wonka Public Licence
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 09:39:32 -0500 (EST)

Chris Gray writes:
 > Suppose I replace the current text at by the following:
 >               An Open-Source VM
 > Wonka is available under a genuine Open Source license conceived
 > with the needs of embedded system developers in mind: the
 > conditions it imposes are the same as the well-known BSD licence
 > [].  You don't
 > have to make your entire business open-source in order to use
 > Wonka, nor do we insist you join a ``community process'' .
 > See the licensing page for details.

Whoa!  That would be really cool.  You would get the "spin" you desire
and OSI certification, while minimizing OSI's workload (thanks!), and
enhancing our reputation.  One thing, though, is that I recommend that
you take a copy of the license and publish it on your own site.  Not
because we have any plans to every change the bsd license, but just to
minimize your legal risk at a very low cost.

-russ nelson <>
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