Subject: Re: [Approval Request] BSD-Lite license
From: "\[MOc\]cda*mirabilos" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 19:37:58 -0000

> A BSD licensed source file (or library, module, etc) in a GPL project
> have its list of conditions removed. However this list of conditions
does not
> apply to the whole project, only to the specific parts that are under
the BSD
> license. According to the GPL, the work "as a whole" must be licensed
> the GPL, not necessarily all of its parts. Since the BSD license does
> restrict the user from exercising any of the rights or permissions
granted by
> the GPL license attached to the "whole", there is no incompatibility.

I couldn't have put it better in words.
So I have read it correctly :)

Still: If I get the project under the (L)GPL, may I _then_ use the
file which has the BSD conditions, without problems?
IMO it then has a dual-license:
 - BSD: the list of conditions mustn't be removed
 - GPL: due to the "no additional conditions" clause and implied by the

Or am I wrong here?

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