Subject: License Analyzer
From: "Forrest J Cavalier III" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 07:59:51 -0500

Semi-automated License analysis and compatibility reporter:

What it does:
   Based on answers to an HTML questionnaire, some conflicts with the GPL,
   the FSF definition of Free software, the OSD, and closed-source
   licensing are reported. The report also includes lists of previously
   analyzed example licenses which have similar clauses. 

Intended purposes of making this work public:
   - A license selector.  Developers can get a list of licenses
          with attributes of interest, and choose an existing one.

   - A way to quickly identify known licenses with certain types of clauses.

   - Issues awareness tool.  Those unfamiliar with Free/Open software
          concepts can identify problem clauses in a license, before
          approval submission for example.

   - Starting point for further study, and better communication when
          discussing/researching licenses.

Further details are at the URL above.

I welcome criticism and comments.

On a related note, is there a list anywhere of licenses which failed
to meet the OSD?  The FSF commentary on failed licenses is very
interesting.  Such a list would be very useful to this project (and
I expect it would be useful to visitors to  Does
anyone have records of board votes and the license texts which 
failed?  I want to add more examples to the analyzer.

license-discuss archive is at