Subject: Re: Two GPL Questions
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 07:49:17 -0800

begin Kenny Tilton quotation:

> What contradiction do you see? 

I spoke of no contradiction.  To repeat:  I was unclear on the nature of
your question.

At first, you said you were planning to release some software under the
GNU GPL, but wanted our insights into the implications of these two
things you've cited.  But then, you seemed to be just venting pique at
things you don't like.  So:  What was the question, again?

> Turns out I was right about the clause for the most part but that I
> had missed the escape hatch: when cross-referencing the GPL from the
> copyright notice, delete their suggested "and later versions", and
> specify an exact version.

But, didn't you mention that possibility in your original post?

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