Subject: RE: NCSA Open Source License
From: "Lawrence E. Rosen" <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 14:38:20 -0800

Bruce, the so-called "advertising" clause in the Apache license is
extremely important.  As I stated in one of my columns in Linux Journal,
trademark protection is, in some respects, even more important to open
source companies than copyright protection.  If that clause is, as you
called it, "generally-deprecated," I suggest that those who call it that
are misinformed.  /Larry Rosen

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> Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2002 7:29 PM
> To: Bruce Perens
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> Subject: Re: NCSA Open Source License
> On Wed, 16 Jan 2002, Bruce Perens wrote:
> > OK - one might consider that it's one license _text_ rather 
> than 4, but yes
> > it's three licenses. Is it possible to sucessfully lobby 
> Apache to get rid of
> > the advertising clause? They probably have enough 
> experience now to see it's
> > had no positive effect.
> Um, no.  We are talking about a rev of the Apache license to 
> address some
> concerns, but there are things about the current "advertising" clause
> (you've read it recently, right?  It's GPL compatible, we 
> believe) that
> are pretty positive for us.
> 	Brian

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