Subject: RE: Advertising Clauses in Licenses
From: "Lawrence E. Rosen" <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 09:29:28 -0800

> From: John Cowan [] 
> Subject: Re: Advertising Clauses in Licenses
> Lawrence E. Rosen scripsit:
> > As for the GPL, where does it say that you can't distribute 
> source via 
> > a website?  As I read it, you must merely distribute source 
> code "on a 
> > medium customarily used for software interchange."  I now 
> get almost 
> > all of my software, including proprietary programs, through 
> downloads.
> See 
> et seqq.

I see where the site comments on that.  But I see no such
restrictions in the GPL itself.  "Not every user is on a network."  ????
Every user that wants source is *now* on the Internet.  The license
provisions rule.

Please note that I'm not necessarily recommending this as a standard
procedure.  I was just trying to suggest an alternative for those who
complain that they can't fit all the required notices on a file on disk
along with the software.  That has to be a subset of a subset of a
subset of distributors.

/Larry Rosen

John Cowan 
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