Subject: RE: Open Source Click-Wrap Notice
From: "Lawrence E. Rosen" <>
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 06:04:56 -0700

> I wonder just how many Open Source programs actually require 
> a patent license *from the author of the program* in order to 
> be used. I suspect the number is Vanishingly small.

Just last week we all read the following in the RealNetworks proposed
open source license:

"Portions Copyright (c) 1995-2002 RealNetworks, Inc. All Rights
Reserved. This software incorporates the inventions claimed in one or
more of the following patents:  5,802,520; 5,917,835; 5,854,858;
5,917,954; 6,151,634; 6,314,466."

I don't think the patent issue is vanishing at all.

Keep wishing.


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