Subject: RE: Approval Requested for AFL 1.2 and OSL 1.1
From: "Lawrence E. Rosen" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 13:44:21 -0800

I've been talking to Russ Nelson and Steve Mallett about setting up a
separate threaded list where we can collect good FAQs about these
licenses.  Anyone with ideas for getting such a FAQ together should
speak up.  There's many more people than me who could contribute to such
a FAQ.  I'm reluctant to write a preamble, as such, because it might
sound too much like interpreting my own words.  

One other word to the wise: Treat every word in any license as "strange"
until you understand it in the context of that license.  The OSL and AFL
aren't unusual in that respect.  

/Larry Rosen

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> Perhaps it makes sense (say in a preamble) to mention that 
> certain sections (and obviously which sections) use wording 
> copied from the US copyright code, so that eveyone knows that 
> the reasons the words sound strange is that they are legal 
> jargon with precise meanings....
> -Chris
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