Subject: RE: time frame between request for approval and acknowledgement of request?
From: "Lawrence E. Rosen" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 16:11:25 -0800

OSI has a confusing queue.  Plus the board has been involved in
strategic issues regarding the open source definition, licensing law and
patents that have interrupted license approval for some licenses.
Should we go with the "squeeky wheel" process: The license that gets the
most conversation and comment ("buzz") on license-discuss gets expedited
attention from the OSI board?  
/Larry Rosen

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> Subject: time frame between request for approval and 
> acknowledgement of request?
> What should one expect as a reasonable time period between 
> the sumission of a license-approval request, and some 
> acknowledgement that the request has been made?
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> Background:
> On November 6, I wrote to license-discuss suggesting that the 
> style of permission notice used in Python 1.5, OGDI, Lucent 
> AWK, Scintilla, etc. should be considered for approval by the 
> board.  On November 9, I made a formal request to that effect.
> A draft of the template is here:
> I structured the request as a template so that it would match 
> the minor variations in wording / punctuation / proper names 
> in these OSD-compliant licenses.  Otherwise I would have to 
> make a separate request for each license.  The board is 
> already overworked, and so am I.
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> I realize the actual time to discuss the license and process 
> the request will vary from one case to the next, and can be 
> months.  However, I just want to know that I'm in the queue.
> Bruce
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> license-discuss archive is at

license-discuss archive is at