Subject: Re: legal issues under GPL
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 10:36:38 -0800

Quoting Howard Katz (

[You'd like to retain the option to dual-license your codebase.]

> Accordingly, while I very much want to encourage people to submit bug
> reports and patches, I also want to maintain sole ownership of the product.
> I understand that copyright might become complicated if I allow outside
> contributions, and I want to make sure I understand all the legal issues of
> doing so. Can anybody provide me pointers to further information on this
> topic?

(I'm not a lawyer.  This is not legal advice.)

Indeed, it's my understanding that, in the USA, assignments of copyright
must indeed be in a prescribed written form, to become effective per the
Copyright Act.  Other jurisdictions might differ.  Searching Google for
"assignment copyright form gpl" brings up a number of projects' standard
copyright-assignment forms.  You might wish to pattern yours after
Ximian's, for example, downloadable here:

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