Subject: Re: Open Source Business Found Parasitic, and the ADCL
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 14:22:09 -0800

Quoting (

> (I intend to publish this text in a wider medium than this list, unless 
> essential faults are found in it.

Noted below.

> Open source business being parasitic is....

...emotive language, which has no place in such a piece.

> Most open source licenses, including GPL, simply forbid selling the
> software. 

This is an outright factual error, as to all OSI-approved licences.  And
I believe I've read all of them fairly closely.  If you believe
otherwise, kindly cite the provisions you believe say this -- but please
read the licences carefully.

> However, because of clause 6 (no discrimination against fields of
> endeavor), the open source business must either sell to all recipients
> (including authors of derivative works?) or give away to all.

This is non-sequitur reasoning.  Moreover, the conclusion is in error.

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