Subject: Re: For approval: ENCUL
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 17:06:25 -0400

Chuck Swiger writes:
 > Given the following two choices:
 > A: software sits on the shelf, unseen, for X years, then is released 
 > under, say, the BSD license (if anyone still remembers);
 > ...or...
 > B: software is released to the public with certain restrictions (such as 
 > resale for profit) which expire after X years without further action, 
 > leaving the software under OSI open source license terms.
 > ...which is preferable to you?  Which is more open?

Obviously B.  And yet in the meantime, the license is not open source,
and software using it cannot be described as "OSI Certified".

I'm preparing the current batch of licenses for approval by the
board.  I will recommend that the board turn down your request for
approval.  Feel free to submit a revised license at any time.

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