Subject: Re: Who gets stuck with advocacy?
From: Drew Danielson <>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 17:37:34 -0400
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 17:37:34 -0400
Sorry to hop into this discussion late, unannounced, unbeknownst to most, and
as more an interested voice than a knowledgeable one.  I am writing an op-ed
right now from a consumer-advocacy slant in favor of Open Source.  This op-ed
is an assignment for a class at CMU,  and to tell you the truth, tho I have
some swell ideas on spinning this piece, I am afraid that I am having some
problems with exposition.  I'd like to devote less than 300 of 750 words to
expository development, but Lord if that ain't tough when my audience is
General (read: lowest of possible common denominators).  Any suggestions,
soundbytes, pointers (web or otherwise) on where I can get some succinct and
complete expository material geared toward this sort of deliberative writing??

Thanks in advance,
Drew Danielson

"Ean R . Schuessler" wrote:

> On Sun, Sep 19, 1999 at 05:03:26AM -0400, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> > Hello?  Anyone who plays the reputation game *must* have regard for
> > what others think, by definition.  You're confused.
> I shudder to mention this tired old saw, but it seems oddly apt in the
> context of this "reputation game" discussion.
>   Stupid people talk about other people
>   Interesting people talk about things
>   Brilliant people talk about ideas
>   And then make those ideas happen.
> I think its clear where the "reputation" game fits into that model, if
> you want to give such cliches any credit. Oh, and while I'm at it:
>   Many of us are more capable than some of us but none of us is as capable
>   as all of us. - Ziggy <-- heh heh heh
>   Treat people as though they were what they ought to be and you help
>   them become what they are capable of being. - Goethe
> I was hoping I could work in a "Precious Moments" quote, but I couldn't
> find anything applicable. Wait, I'll make one up!
>   Love is, not having a password. - Fake Precious Moments Quote
> I regret having subjected all of you to this useless message,
> E
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