Subject: Re: OSD#5 needs a patch?
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 11:53:14 -0700

Quoting Chuck Swiger (
> On Thursday, October 9, 2003, at 01:20 PM, Lawrence E. Rosen wrote:
>>Actually, what I intended to convey was the notion that the OSD has
>>always been consistent with the GPL in the past, and we would not
>>want to change the OSD in such a way that it invalidated the GPL.
> If it's okay to change to OSD to invalidate, say, the Mozilla license,
> or the APSL, but is not okay to invalidate the GPL, then the OSD is no
> longer neutral. 

Sanity check:  Lawrence was replying concerning the GPL because _you_ 
asked about it.  I imagine it's equally unthinkable that the OSD would
be altered so as to exclude the MPL, the APSL, (either version of
the) BSD licence, or the MIT/X licence -- but you didn't ask about those.

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