Subject: Re: OT: Vacation messages to list posts
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 03:05:33 -0800

Quoting Paul Guyot (

> I don't like (and don't use) vacation messages either, but I think 
> that the good ones (not them all unfortunately) test if there is a 
> Precedence: bulk header, and this list (software?) doesn't provide 
> such a header.

While that's certainly quite true, it remains fundamentally the user's
responsibility to not set loose autoresponders without first verifying
their correct behaviour in the user's context.  Responsibility is an
unfashionable concept, I know.   

Natural consequences of doing otherwise are probably the usual 
(deserved tongue-lashings, killfiling, etc.).  I hope net.people are still
aware of this, despite our being now (my goodness!) ten years into the
September That Never Ended (q.v.).  If not, I can add a new entry to , if it'll

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