Subject: Re: Stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop
From: "Derek J. Balling" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 10:27:44 -0700

>>  > 1.) The list name, "license-discuss" is ambiguous. Perhaps 
>>  > would have been more in line with your intent.
>> Perhaps so.
>Worth changing it, IMHO.

Agreed. Better to change it now, early on, before people get accustomed to
the name as it is.

>For the members of the list, *please* take the GPL discussions elsewhere.
>The license under review isn't going to be the GPL, and using the GPL as a
>reference point for it will not be useful.  The only reference point is
>the OSD.  If you think the OSD needs changing, that should be in another

Perhaps OSI could create a mailing list for discussion of "best practice"
towards achieving open source models in companies? Something where the
"non-specific-license" issues could be discussed, possibly making the job
easier for the denizens of license-review by simplifying the "license
creation" process, and making it a little more cookie-cutter than it is now.