Subject: Re: Revisions to NASA Open Source Agreement (NOSA)
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 00:48:22 -0500

Bryan Geurts writes:
 > Attached is a revised version of NOSA, which implements the following changes:

This looks excellent!  For easier reading, could you render it in text
form rather than RTF form, and send a copy to license-discuss?
They're volunteers and I don't want any barriers in the way of their

 > - Paragraph 4.B. is amended to make it clear that indemnification is 
 > extended not only to the government, but to all prior recipients as well.

You also made it clear that You are indemnifying the government and
all prior recipients against claims brought against damage caused by
YOUR OWN ACTIONS.  If you shoot yourself in the foot using
NOSA-licensed software, you must sue yourself instead of the
government or any other user.

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