Subject: Re: Revisions to NASA Open Source Agreement (NOSA)
From: Robert Padilla <>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 07:57:31 -0800

I'll try to get both a text and MS Word copy of the revised version 
onto the web site today so that it will be available.  Will send a 
confirmation along with the link.  Thanks,

Rob Padilla

At 12:48 AM -0500 3/13/04, Russell Nelson wrote:
>Bryan Geurts writes:
>  > Attached is a revised version of NOSA, which implements the 
>following changes:
>This looks excellent!  For easier reading, could you render it in text
>form rather than RTF form, and send a copy to license-discuss?
>They're volunteers and I don't want any barriers in the way of their
>  > - Paragraph 4.B. is amended to make it clear that indemnification is
>  > extended not only to the government, but to all prior recipients as well.
>You also made it clear that You are indemnifying the government and
>all prior recipients against claims brought against damage caused by
>YOUR OWN ACTIONS.  If you shoot yourself in the foot using
>NOSA-licensed software, you must sue yourself instead of the
>government or any other user.
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