Subject: Re: Source Distribution License
From: Alexander Terekhov <>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 20:49:02 +0100

"Rod Dixon, J.D., LL.M." wrote:
> Having said that, Alexander's mistake appears to be ...

My mistake was the omission of reference (and context) to 
the source of my comment.
(VI.B. Source Code and Object Code)


Even though source code and object code are distinct, it 
is still useful to maintain the concept that the source 
code and the object code are just different forms of the 
same copyrighted work. The Copyright Office regards the 
source code and object code as equivalent for purposes of 
registration. In fact, it generally requires a deposit of 
at least a portion of the source code (generally the first 
and last 25 pages - see their Circular 61) and 
questionsany registration that includes only object code.

Where an applicant is unable or unwilling to deposit 
source code, he/she must state in writing that the work 
as deposited in object code contains copyrightable 
authorship. The Office will send a letter stating that 
registration has been made under its rule of doubt and 
warning that it has not determined the existence of 
copyrightable authorship. ...


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