Subject: Adaptive Public License v0.1C
From: Carmen Leeming <>
Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 15:21:15 -0700

Based on the suggestions I have been given, I have modified the Adaptive 
Public License and have re-posted it as version 0.1C.

The following changes were made:
- One sentence within section 3.2 did not conform to the rules of Open 
Source.  The sentence has been modified (as previously discussed) in 
order to conform.

"A Distributor may choose to distribute the Licensed Work, or any 
portion thereof, in Executable form (an "EXECUTABLE DISTRIBUTION") to 
any third party, under the terms of Section 2 of this License, provided 
the Executable Distribution is made available under and accompanied by a 
copy of this License ***and is distributed at no more than the cost of 
physically performing Executable Distribution***, AND provided at least 
ONE of the following conditions is fulfilled:"

(section between '***' marks was removed)

- The timeframe of thirty-six months for Subsequent Contributors to make 
their source available was considered too lengthy.  It has been modified 
to twelve months (section 3.1a).

"A Subsequent Contributor shall make that Subsequent Contributor's 
Subsequent Work(s) available to the public via an Electronic 
Distribution Mechanism for a period of at least ***twelve (12)*** 
months. The aforesaid ***twelve (12)*** month period shall begin within 
a reasonable time after the creation of the Subsequent Work and no later 
than sixty (60) days after first distribution of that Subsequent 
Contributor's Subsequent Work."

(sections between '***' marks modified from 36 to 12 months)

I invite further discussion and hope this license is now suitable for 
OSI approval.

--Carmen Leeming

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