Subject: Re: the provide, license verbs
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 13:12:50 -0700

Quoting (

> I did a little research at Sourceforge and Freshmeat, looking at licenses
> (excluding the non-FLOSS ones at Sourceforge).

Thanks!  Interesting and worthwhile, as usual.

> Licenses you didn't mention:
> 		8% Artistic or Perl
> 		5% Apache (any version)
> 		1% Qt
> 		1% zlib/libpng
> 		8% all others (none more than 1% individually)

Apache-licensed code would be one of those "rare exceptions" I cited,
being either intended to be part of an ASF-issued codebase or to work
very closely with it (e.g., Apache httpd DSOs).  Same for Perl Artistic
Licence (various versions).

Cheers,                            Ceterum censeo, Caldera delenda est.
Rick Moen  
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